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A history going back over 100 years

La Flor AgroIndustries formerly Ganaflor experienced a management take over in late 2010, turning a traditional pineapple estate into a professional agricultural enterprise.  The leader of change is the general manager Alvaro Chaín, who formally reorganized the company based on functional areas of administration where the core is fruit production and marketing, under certifications according to the highest quality standards required by our customers in Europe, Canada, United States and the Caribbean.

This business philosophy took La Flor to become the first world producer of fresh pineapple (Ananas comosus) MD2 variety certified Carbon Neutral by The Carbon Neutral Company of England.

After three generations of Costa Ricans and over 100 years, Ganaflor has evolved today towards La Flor AgroIndustriesconsistently with today´s world new challenges, developing sustainable added value, good agronomic practices with financial stability and working-social responsibilities.

In the early 20th century a pioneer from la Zona Norte, Mr. Luis Rodríguez traveled from Poás Alajuela through Villa Quesada, reaching the outskirts of Rio Cuarto de Grecia, acquiring and colonizing lands in livestock development under the name "La Flor". His son Gilberto follow on his steps constituting Ganadera La Flor, S.A.

It was in early 1991 when Mr. Luis Rodriguez´s grandson Luis Rodriguez Beér took over the family businesses including Ganaflor; after experimenting with cocoa, timber and macadamiadecides to emigrate cattle to an unfamiliar and incipient growing for Costa Rica in those years pineapple; using owned brand names "Rain Forest Goldand "Piña Ricathrough an independent marketing.

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On La Flor AgroIndustries we truly care about Environmental Responsibility.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Rain Forest Alliance

Rain Forest Alliance

Primera Empresa productora de Piña Fresca CarbonNeutral® en el Mundo